Demystifying Crypto

This is a Non-Fiction Page-Turner That Reads Like A Dystopian Novel.

They say Central Bank Digital Currency is just the digital version of cash, but that's far from the truth. In fact, CBDC is a programmable money token that can and will be used to enslave humanity under the totalitarian grip of the social credit system.

CBDC will be tied inexorably to our biometric identity, and the Central Planners intend to use it to control what we can buy, sell, eat, and even if we can travel.

The War to Enslave Humanity is real, and perhaps only Bitcoin can help us win.


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When it comes to personal freedom, nothing is more important than the decentralization of power. Of all the threats to our Liberty none is more concerning than a move to a government controlled digital currency. Evan lays out the case for an independent digital currency while laying bare the roadmap the authoritarians want to use to get mass compliance. Imagine what it would be like to have your finances “turned off” at the whims of a globally controlled bureaucracy.


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Demystifying Crypto

This NON-FICTION page-turner is intended to sound the warning bell for Americans and freedom loving citizens across the globe, as the World Economic Forum plans the roll-out of a central bank digital currency to replace the current cash and credit monetary system. 

CBDC will forever change the way individuals and families are able to live, travel and do commerce by replacing cash money and traditional credit with programmable tokens and a social credit system based on the communist Chinese model of the social credit score.

With Central Bank Digital Currency, it won't matter what you as an individual believe in. Instead you will be subjected to the rules of the elite class, who are notorious for not following the rules themselves. They believe they are better than the rest of us.

The worst of all possible worlds

Imagine the very worst aspects of carbon taxes, contact tracing, forced vaccinations, environmental lockdowns, social media monitoring, censorship, and cancel culture, all rolled up into one package called CBDC.

Did you "like" or share a post on social media that the government or central bankers don't like? Or share any information about dangerous pharmaceutical products that might disrupt profits for Big Pharma? With CBDC, your money can be shut off.

The loss of our everyday freedoms to buy, sell, and travel

Want to buy a gun to protect your family? Too bad. The Central Bank won't allow you to spend your money on guns, even if guns are legal and constitutionally protected.

Want to vacation with your family? Too bad. Your air travel or extended road travel will be deemed "a climate threat" with too many carbon emissions (which in actuality pose no threat to the environment and in fact are essential to a healthy ecosystem). Your travel will be shut down and you will be forced to have a "staycation" at home instead.

The end of our constitutionally protected God-given rights

You see, CBDC will override the US Constitution. It's not lawful, but the technocratic elite don't care. They control the technology. So they plan to control you, me, and everyone.

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau froze the bank accounts of the Truckers who were protesting in the Freedom Convoy, and he also froze the bank accounts of everyday citizens who merely donated to help support the peaceful protests, he revealed to the world what the governments and central banks intend to do with CBDC.

Why I wrote this book and what you'll get from reading it

This inspired me to write my book "Demystifying Crypto: Central Bank Digital Currency, The Great Reset and the War to Enslave Humanity; and How Bitcoin Can Save Us All."

CBDC is not just digital money, it is a tool that can and will be used to enslave us all, unless we reject central bank digital currency and adopt a decentralized currency that can't be programmed or controlled by the central banks and governments of the world.

In my book, you'll get a front row seat as I expose those behind the evil plot to enslave humanity, with real world examples that will lift the veil and help clear the fog for you about how imminent the danger to humanity is at the moment; and what to do about it.

-- Evan J Kopelson, author "Demystifying Crypto"

The Characters

  • Klaus Schwab is a man with a single goal in life: to be ruler of the universe. And as the leader of the World Economic Forum who brags about having "captured" over half the cabinets of most governments, he just might be able to succeed. Schwab wants us to "eat ze bugs" and "own ze nothing."
  • Yuval Noah Harari is a gay transhumanist author who wages war on God in his books and stage talks. He claims Jesus Christ is "fake news" and instead he, Harari, will become a god. Harari says humanity is mostly useless eaters. Both Schwab and Harari are obsessed with altering the human genome.
  • Bill Gates not only believes the world needs to be depopulated, he is also behind the patent "666" owned by Microsoft for a cryptocurrency using body activity data. As CBDC is tied to biometric identity, this could well become the "Mark of the Beast" system foretold in the Bible's book of Revelation.
  • Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and many other world leaders are puppets and stooges of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum doing his bidding.
  • Mainstream Media keeps the public in the dark about the purpose of Central Bank Digital Currency. They are truly the enemy of the people.

The Plot

  • The World Economic Forum controls over half the cabinets of many governments around the world. This allows them to circumvent the will of the people and implement policies that are presented as egalitarian and good for the environment, but are actually intended to crash the economies and civil societies of the world, and to tear apart the United States and Europe and usher in an era of chaos, violent crime, poverty, and ultimately mass starvation and global depopulation.
  • The Biden regime is printing money and laundering money like it's going out of style, because it is. Soon the currency of the United States will be worthless and nobody will honor it anymore. This will open the door for CBDC to replace the dollar (the Federal Reserve Note). It's all a trap.
  • Meanwhile, the rollout of authoritarian rule in the name of public health is being tested around the world in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the EU countries; while in the United States, the CDC is pushing death jabs on kids.
  • Bill Gates and his foundations are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to push global digital IDs, which are a trojan horse to his Mark of the Beast system of cryptocurrency using body activity data.
  • Can these monsters be stopped before they implement The Great Reset and bring the world under the thumb of their totalitarian rule? How can we stop them when they control all the levers of power and influence in the world?

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Evan J Kopelson is a legal philosopher and the host of Evan Talks videos. He was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in White Plains, NY and Beverly Hills, CA. Evan earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his law degree from Loyola Law School. He has credits in film, television, and music, and has won awards for his songwriting and documentary film production. In 2020, Evan was permanently banned from Youtube and Twitter and excommunicated from Hollywood for his rebuke of the Covid mandates. He has since become passionate about using alternative platforms for free speech and commerce to counter the threats of cancel culture and the dangers of the social credit score system.

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