Speak Truth to Power Fearlessly 

BG maxwell

Songwriter and Entrepreneur

Ev has a unique perspective and is truly fearless when it comes to speaking truth. His values are grounded in God and the Constitution, and he literally does not care whether his views or opinions are popular or derided by the mainstream. He is fully himself, which is inspiring. Working with Ev helped me realize I have no limitations beyond my own imagination and vitality.

Evan J Kopelson

Truth Speaker and Hit Songwriter

What You’ll Get During This "Speak Truth to Power Fearlessly" Free Strategy Call

This call will be valuable for you in and of itself whether we end up working together or not. First and foremost, you're going to have the chance to connect with someone who understands how it feels to be an American patriot in 2021.

Let's face it. We know there is an illegitimate regime in the White House who stole the election, and we know the fake news media is gaslighting the public and helping the new regime destroy every aspect of American culture. 

Connecting with a like minded American patriot is healing for the soul. American patriots are under attack from the godless commies on the left. They lie and gaslight the public relentlessly, while spreading fear and dividing the people. What they are doing is a crime against humanity. 

Step one in getting your life back on track is understanding you are being gaslighted, and accepting that you are not crazy. You are not what they say. You are not a bigot. You are not a racist. You are not a bad person. Your skin color is irrelevant. And none of this madness sweeping the country is your fault. You are the victim of psychological warfare by people who hate you and hate God, and many of whom worship Satan and want you to suffer. They are demons. They feed off the energies of fear and suffering.

The way to fight back and win is to first, proclaim your love for God and rebuke all Satanic rituals and Luciferian agendas in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ. 

Next is to go about and set some big goals for your life, and make a plan to achieve them. Most important here, is to commit to accountability. The best plans in the world will fail if the people making them are not accountable.

You will get clarity and motivation for your new project, career or life change in our free strategy call. This strategy call will help you reconnect with your beliefs and determine your course of action.

This is not a sales pitch disguised as a strategy call. In fact, if anything, I look for every reason to disqualify a new potential client from working with me. Why would I do that?

If it's not the perfect fit for coach and client, it's not going to be worth it for either of us to put in the time and effort, regardless of the money.   

Now, if I feel that I can help you, then I will tell you so. I'll say what I think your potential opportunities are, what your biggest challenges might be, and how I can help you. In this case I will offer you one of my rare 1:1 coaching spots. 

So that is what you can expect from your free strategy call: Unabashed American patriotism. Love of God. Good listening. Clear communication. No guesswork. And total focus on your goals and helping you achieve them.

Remember it is your inalienable right as an American to pursue happiness. Nobody has the right to take that away from you. That is part of the American creed.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Before the call, you'll send me an email with some details about your situation, including your background, challenges and goals, and what you need help with now. If you're unclear on that, just say.

What Happens During the Call

During the call, we'll go through the information you sent me and look for areas where we can help you find clarity around any goals you want to crack, or challenges you want to overcome.

What Changes After the Call

You will come away with clarity about what you want and what stands in your way. You'll have a better sense particularly, for whether your obstacles are mainly internal or external. You can then choose to take action.

evan j kopelson evantalks

About Me

Evan J  

The fake/engineered pandemic and the global reset being forced on the public by the godless commies (as Jarrin Jackson calls them), have caused me to re-evaluate my life. I realized that now is the time to stop listening to the godless commies in government and the media, and to put my faith where it belongs: in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I never thought I would be saying that, no less publishing it on my website. But we're living in stranger than strange times. The signs are everywhere that some sort of evil has been unleashed and has taken people over.

There is a monster demon, or something, who has invaded and possessed the souls of everyone in the fake news media, all the tech oligarchs, and all the totalitarian democrats, and even some of the rino republicans. 

These people, if you can even call them people, are frothing at the mouth every day with more restrictions to our personal liberties, and homicidal fantasies about destroying anyone who pushes back. Can we just call them lizard people? 😂 

Whatever they are, they hate America. They despise patriots. They loathe Christians. It's insane. They're insane. They're psychotic sociopaths. And they want to destroy America and destroy God if they can. 

And this is making it harder and harder for peaceful American patriots to live and work, and to pursue happiness. Cancel culture is destroying careers and ruining lives. It's demonic, the desire to destroy. 

Our rights and individual freedoms to pursue happiness are under attack by a dark cabal of Satan worshippers that control the media, the intelligence services, and the current illegitimate regime occupying the White House.  

This has caused me to say, "No more!" to life-as-usual and pretending all of this is a conspiracy theory. It is long past the time where people of good ethics and morality can deny what is happening in the world and what is driving all the darkness.

My choice to speak up for the good of humanity has cost me dearly, in that I am unable to get work in the godless commie entertainment industry since I spoke out against mask hysteria and mask delusion. But I am following my true calling now, and I want to help you find and follow your own true calling. 

How about you? What are you called to be doing? What's holding you back? Do you know? Is there a block? It could be from the psychological warfare the godless commies are waging on you. I can help you identify the block, and how to get past it.

Book a strategy call with me today and let's take some time to talk about you. The outward pressure is real, but we are co creators with God. There is no reason you can't be doing more of what you want to be doing with your life, in alignment with your values and beliefs. Let me help you get on track.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Strategy Call with Evan

Here is some feedback from former clients about our initial strategy session and how it helped them.

andrea brandt, phd MFT

Author / Therapist

If you have a chance to do a strategy call with Evan, do it. Evan helped me see what I could do for my brand with a better video strategy. This led to us working together on a winning strategy to get me to page 1 on Google. What I learned from Evan still delivers results for me today. 

John Connors

Patent Attorney

On my first strategy call with Evan, he helped me see my potential to grow my business using video. I learned a lot and came away highly motivated. It helped to know he is a retired attorney and understands my business. I recommend you book a strategy call with Evan today.

Jodi ticknor

Real Estate Broker

Evan is a good listener and can spot opportunities you may not see for yourself. He helped shift my perspective about being on video, from being resistant to loving it. Ev has a knack for getting to know you, finding what makes you tick, and helping you see your potential. Book that free strategy call with Evan now.

American Patriots are under attack by the godless commies. The media is waging Psychological Warfare on the public. This has many feeling stuck, depressed, lost, and confused. Working with Evan will help you get unstuck, uplifted, clear, and focused. There's no better way to get unstuck than to start speaking truth to power, fearlessly.  You may lose your job or get deplatformed from social media, so proceed with purpose. It's your right to pursue happiness! Will you?

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