Ready to USE this Pandemic Global Reset to FINALLY be the person you always wanted to be? 

BG maxwell

Songwriter and Entrepreneur

When I had my first strategy call with Ev, I was looking for some time management hacks, as I was experiencing a triple dose of "I wish I had more time." I can tell Evan cares about people and wants to help because he really listens, and asks good questions. He helped me spot some key goals that motivated me to the point where I realized, I was never actually limited in the first place.

Evan J Kopelson

Your Pandemic Global Reset Life Coach

What You’ll Get During This Pandemic Global Reset Free Strategy Call

This call will be valuable for you in and of itself whether we end up working together or not. You will get clarity and motivation for your new project, career or life change. This strategy call will help you determine your course of action.

This is not a sales pitch disguised as a strategy call. In fact, if anything, I look for every reason to disqualify a new potential client from working with me. Why would I do that?

Well, if it's not the perfect fit for coach and client, it's not gonna be worth it for either of us to put in the time and effort, regardless of the money.  For coaching to work, the fit has to be right, and that's not something you can fake or force.

And so, if I feel like we're not going to be a great fit, I will let you know in no uncertain terms. You can expect me to be clear about why I do not think we would be a great fit, and you're free to let me know if you disagree, and why. Mostly I just don't want to take your money if I don't think I can help you. 

Now, if I feel that I can help you, then I will tell you so. I'll say what I think your potential opportunities are, what your biggest challenges might be, and how I can help you. In this case I will offer you the opportunity to apply for one of my rare available 1:1 coaching spots. 


Yes, if I think we're a good fit I don't just put down a contract and ask for your credit card. There's still an application process, because I'll need some information and to get certain commitments in advance, before I know for sure if one of my coaching packages will help you. 

That's what you can expect from this free strategy call: Good listening. Clear communication. No guesswork. And total focus on your goals and helping you achieve them.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Before the call, you'll send me an email with some details about your situation, including your background, challenges and goals, and what you need help with now during this pandemic global reset. If you're unclear on that, just say.

What Happens During the Call

During the call, we'll go through the information you sent me and look for areas where we can help you find clarity around any goals you want to crack, or challenges you want to overcome.

What Changes After the Call

You will come away with clarity about what you want and what stands in your way. You'll have a better sense particularly, for whether your obstacles are mainly internal or external. You can then choose to take action.

About Me

Evan J Kopelson

I spent most of my career doing things I thought I should be doing, and waiting to become the person I always wanted to be. The pandemic and the global reset that is underway forced me to re-evaluate my life. Now I am doing what I always wanted to be doing. How about you? What is it you've been waiting all your life to be doing? What's holding you back? Do you know? If not, it's possible there is a block preventing you from accessing your true calling. It could be something else. I can help you identify what the gap is, and how to get past it. Book a strategy call with me today and let's take some time to get you sorted. There's no reason you can't be doing more of what you want to be doing with your life.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Strategy Call

Here is some feedback from former clients about our initial strategy session and how it helped them.

andrea brandt, phd MFT

Author / Therapist

If you have a chance to do a strategy call with Evan, do it. Evan helped me see what I could do for my brand with a better video strategy. This led to us working together on a winning strategy to get me to page 1 on Google. What I learned from Evan still delivers results for me today. 

John Connors

Patent Attorney

On my first strategy call with Evan, he helped me see my potential to grow my business using video. I learned a lot and came away highly motivated. It helped to know he is a retired attorney and understands my business. I recommend you book a strategy call with Evan today.

Jodi ticknor

Real Estate Broker

Evan is a good listener and can spot opportunities you may not see for yourself. He helped shift my perspective about being on video, from being resistant to loving it. Ev has a knack for getting to know you, finding what makes you tick, and helping you see your potential. Book that free strategy call with Evan now.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Life and Career During This Pandemic Global Reset!

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