Sunday News Drop - Confirmation of Request

If you clicked a link in one of my emails requesting me to create a Sunday News Drop, this page confirms I have received your request*

Once I get 25 or more requests, I will start doing Sunday news drops.

*(Now, if you just happened onto this page and did not click a link in one of my emails, then I can not confirm your request until you submit the form below, because I won’t know you want the content.)

You can sign up for my email list and request the Sunday News Drop right here on this page. Just drop your name and email address into the form below.

(and, if you’re already on my email list, this form will add your request for the Sunday News Drop):

Signup for Evan Talks email list and request the "Sunday News Drop"

As of today (Saturday 8/13/22) the Sunday News Drop does not yet exist.

I will only be creating and sending out those Sunday News Drops once I get 25 or more requests.

Why? Because my Saturday emails already contain links to my most recent show, and other top priority information, and I’m concerned that any more will cause “information overload.”

But there are some of us who can’t get enough, and I want to serve the needs of my subscribers who want more and who rely on me to curate content. It’s an honor and a privilege to be trusted.