December 29

Ep. 3 – Cryptocurrency Deep Dive

In the 3rd episode of Evan Talks…

… I finish my cryptocurrency deep dive with an update on the two topics we covered in the previous 2 episodes.

First, I give you a closer look at the USI Tech scam in excruciating detail.

After that, I loop back to Hashflare for some updates on cloud mining*

*OK gotta say now that it’s a year later, all my Hashflare contracts were scrapped when the BTC price dropped so low and the mining difficulty increased. I don’t blame Hashflare.

The USI Tech Scam

So for anyone who was or (god forbid) still is involved with USI Tech this episode is still a **MUST WATCH** even a year after the fact, to see to what extent a company will go to squeeze money out of their gullible distributors.

Right before I shot this episode, USI Tech announced they were coming back to the USA and Canada. This is just weeks after announcing they were pulling out of USA and Canada, and freezing everybody’s wallets (effectively stealing the money).

I decided for this episode that I would analyze their official statements like a lawyer with a fine tooth comb going line by line.

First, I dived deep into their latest announcement: USI-tech is back in the United States and Canada, USI-tech is re-opening for business in North America.

This required some in-depth analysis of two key documents: the statement of founder Horst Jicha to distributors which he posted to the USI-tech dashboard, and a letter from USI’s legal counsel.

I go through both documents line by line, calling bullshit where I see it, and giving credit where credit is due.

Hashflare Cloud Mining Update

The Hashflare bitcoin cloud mining update begins at the 31:00 mark.

You can skp to the Hashflare segment:

After USI, I get more into Hashflare bitcoin cloud mining again, updating what I covered in Episode 1 and sharing a screenshot of a highly lucrative mining contract owned by one of my crypto buddies.

And finally, I answer a question about crypto investing from Quora.

This completes my 3-episode deep dive into Crypto.

In Episodes 4-6 coming up in the following posts, you can take my Medical Cannabis Deep Dive.

You do not want to miss that.

In the meantime…

Enjoy Episode 3 of Evan Talks right here:

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In my next post, I begin my medical cannabis deep dive with a look at non-psychoactive, hemp-derived CBD oil.

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