Ep. 2 – Cryptocurrency Deep Dive

In the 2nd episode of Evan Talks, I cover the USI-tech scam and how I was lured into it by smarmy marketers.

Then I get into what’s in my cryptoassets portfolio and how to stay calm in the crypto storm.

I’m posting this in late December 2018 almost a year to the day when I first got into crypto.

Almost immediately after I bought into this scam company that was promising you can “grow” bitcoin with them (not “mine” for bitcoin like I covered in Episode 1, but “grow” bitcoin, which isn’t actually a thing), the value of BTC plummeted, and not long after the company defaulted.

At this early point in the game when I first got into the USI-tech scam, I’d never traded or bought any crypto besides my first BTC on Coinbase, and even though I got burned, I knew I was in crypto for the long haul.

Enjoy Episode 2 of Evan Talks right here:

If you wanna get into the crypto space now while the market is totally depressed and it’s cheap to buy in, here are some of my links you can use to get started on platforms. When you click’em, I may get a reward and so may you. Check out the Coinbase incentive below for example.

Coinbase, first stop for everybody. Go here to buy Bitcoin/BTC, Ethereum/ETH, and Litecoin/LTC with USD. Get $10 worth of extra free bitcoin (BTC) when you buy $100 worth of crypto with this link – http://bit.ly/coinbasehub

You’ll need to have BTC to purchase most other alt coins, so start at Coinbase.

Binance, to trade BTC for other cryptocurrencies. Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchanges. Signup here. http://bit.ly/binancehub

Hashflare, to do actual bitcoin cloud mining* – http://bit.ly/tryhashflare

*I cover how to do this in Episode 1

Some other cryptocurrency exchanges I use:

Cryptopia, to buy Electroneum/ETN. http://bit.ly/trycryptopia

Yobit, to buy Tron/TRX and more. http://bit.ly/yobitcrypto

Kucoin, another popular crypto exchange. http://bit.ly/trykucoin


In my next post, I conclude my cryptocurrency deep dive with a deeper look at the USI Tech crypto scam, and a loop back to bitcoin mining.

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