December 29

Ep. 1 – Cryptocurrency Deep Dive

When I launched the Evan Talks channel on Youtube, the big crypto crash of January 2018 had just happened.

I had entered the crypto market at the peak in late December 2017.

Not with a lot of money, but enough to feel the punch when it lost half its value within 2 weeks.

I’d been suckered into crypto by a former online business mentor of mine who started heavy recruiting for “get rich quick” scheme which, ironically, he had always said was something he wasn’t interested in doing (guess he changed his mind).

When I lost the money in the scam he and his girlfriend were running, I started looking for legit ways into crypto besides buying it on Coinbase.

Was cloud mining the answer I was looking for?

[Hint: a year later, it wasn’t.]

On the first episode of Evan Talks, I share how to mine for bitcoin with Hashflare cloud mining contracts

Someone commented on the Youtube channel below the video that I shouldn’t be getting into cloud mining and I wouldn’t like the way it turned out. The person was correct 🙂

Thankfully, it wasn’t a lot of money, just enough to get me vested into the crypto space.

And I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Enjoy Episode 1 of Evan Talks right here:

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In my next post, I continue my cryptocurrency deep dive with a look at the USI Tech crypto scam.

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