Ep. 6 – How to Treat Anxiety, Insomnia, and Pain with THC – Medical Cannabis Deep Dive pt 3

Evan Talks episode 6 is “How to Treat Anxiety, Insomnia, and Pain with THC”

In episode 6 we conclude our Medical Cannabis Deep Dive with an in-depth look at THC and how to better understand THC from a medicinal use perspective.

For the first half of this episode, I dive deep into What Is Anxiety.

As a person who used to “suffer from” anxiety and who now simply “experiences anxiety energy” from time to time, I believe anxiety is sorely misunderstood in America and by western medicine.

As such, I spend quite a bit of time unpacking what anxiety actually is, how it manifests in at least six (6) unique forms, and how each type of anxiety needs to be understood and treated at its root cause in order to be an effective treatment.

Here, incidentally, are the 6 different types of anxiety:

  1. Anxiety related to stress on the job or a work-related task, career or achievement goals
  2. Anxiety related to FOMO (fear of missing out)
  3. Anxiety related to procrastination and/or prolonged depression
  4. Anxiety related to fear of failure and/or fear of success
  5. Anxiety related to communications issues with family, friends, loved ones, and/or coworkers
  6. Anxiety related to thoughts of death and/or loss of companionship

I explain in this episode how each type of anxiety can be assigned to one of the above 6 types, and how each type needs to be treated at its root cause.

Our culture, and western medicine in general, tends to look at a person and want to treat the symptom, rather than look for the underlying root cause of a condition.

Due to this philosophy of medicine in the west, anxiety is not properly understood as being many different things that layer-on to storylines and relationships.

Instead, anxiety is too often misunderstood and mistreated as one singular condition; generally by slapping a pill on it and calling it a day.

Of course, this isn’t effective treatment for anxiety, which is why so many people are still suffering needlessly.

How can you help?

Among other things like sharing the video, leaving thoughtful comments and telling your stories…

If you know a doctor who is treating anxiety, you can encourage them to watch this episode of Evan Talks to get a different perspective on anxiety and treating anxiety.

Enjoy Episode 6 of Evan Talks right here:

And… This concludes the Evan Talks Medical Cannabis Deep Dive.

By now after watching episodes 4 (the hemp cbd show), 5 (cancer and cannabis), and 6 (that’s this one), you have both a broad and deep knowledge base to draw on now, covering the entire range of medical cannabis:

  • non-psychoactive hemp-derived CBD oil
  • the dangers of toxic oil from pesticides and solvents
  • what to look for on a CBD company website to ensure your oil is clean and pure BEFORE you buy it
  • cannabis flower derived CBD oil which has a higher THC content
  • THC from cannabis flower
  • concentrated forms of cannabis
  • how to use THC from a medicinal perspective for a variety of conditions
  • budtender education for cannabis dispensary workers

—- Segment Directory —–

Timestamp Segment Directory of Topics covered in this episode (these will link off-site to the Evan Talks Youtube channel):

Welcome to Evan Talks – 0:00

About the Medical Cannabis 3 Week Deep Dive – 1:44

Where to Find the Evan Talks Channel on YouTube – 2:09

What’s on Tonight’s Show? – 2:35

Cannabis Patients Speak Out – 3:33

My History with Big Pharma – 6:13

What is Anxiety? – 13:49

The 6 Different Types of Anxiety – 15:35

The Best and Worst Ways to Treat Anxiety – 16:44

Deep Dive into the 6 Types of Anxiety – 20:12

And Now… THC – 25:16

Medical Cannabis 101: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid – 26:35

Educating the Cannabis Industry’s Budtenders – 27:21

Deep Dive: A More Sophisticated Knowledge of THC – 28:13

How to Give a Proper Cannabis Consultation – 31:05

The Different Forms of Medical Cannabis – 32:26

How to Use Medical THC or The Different Ways to Take THC – 33:04

Medical Cannabis Strain Recommendations – 37:38

How to treat Insomnia with THC – 38:52

How to Give a Proper Cannabis Consultation, continued – 40:39

How to treat Nausea with THC – 41:04

How to treat Insomnia with THC, continued – 41:44

How to treat Depression with THC – 42:37

Medical Cannabis Strain Recommendations, continued – 44:23

Evan’s Closing Thoughts 46:18

Next Week on Evan Talks – 46:55

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