Ep. 5 – Cancer and Cannabis – Medical Cannabis Deep Dive pt 2

Evan Talks episode 5 is “Cancer and Cannabis”

For episode 5, I wanted to talk with two of the most respected women in the cannabis industry and have them share their stories with my audience.

Sharon Letts is a writer, producer, and cancer survivor who credits medical cannabis with saving her life.

I speak with Sharon about how she uses cannabis, how she first came to discover it, and what she recommends to others in terms of using cannabis for their medical conditions.

Tracy Ryan is the founder of Cannakids and mom to Sophie, a beautiful young girl whose battle with Cancer has driven Tracy to pioneer some of the leading science in using cannabis to fight cancer.

In my interview with Tracy, you’ll learn more about Sophie, and hear about the work Tracy is doing with medical doctors and a leading research lab in Israel

Enjoy Episode 5 of Evan Talks right here:

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Timestamp Segment Directory of Topics covered in this episode (these link off-site to the Evan Talks Youtube channel):

Welcome to Evan Talks – 0:00

Sharon Letts Interview – 1:10

Story of CBD Breeding – 6:20

Why Use THC – 7:34

Micro-dosing on Edibles – 9:48

How to connect with Sharon Letts – 18:49

Tracy Ryan Interview – 19:50

Next Week on Evan Talks – 44:23


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