America is in distress and the world is toppling one country after another to globalist tyranny and “The Great Reset” — yet some countries are standing apart and showing the world how to protect, and not war against, your own citizens.

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00:00:00 Intro and opening comments
00:05:50 What’s going on in Australia (hint: it’s not good)
00:07:40 The only thing stopping America from becoming Australia
00:09:30 The big reveal (not really, just the overhead cam)
00:10:00 Video – Queensland (New South Wales, Australia) Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announcing the new Covid Concentration (“Quarantine”) camp and how excited she is to start throwing people in there
00:15:30 The upside down American Flag – The country is in distress (listen to this section for details and commentary)
00:19:45 “One of these things is not like the other” – How the mere existence of places like Sweden destroy the narrative about the so called global pandemic
00:22:45 Short break in the serious coverage to share some good personal news, count my blessings, thank my viewers and truth seekers and truth tellers, and praise Jesus
00:25:15 Video – clip from The Evan Talks Show, May 4, 2020 “Covid-19 Endgame: Vax, Track, and Travel Restrictions” where I told everybody what would be happening… and it is.
00:27:15 How it feels to see something coming so long in advance and try and warn people and nobody listens
00:28:20 If now is not the time for the country to realize America is in distress, what is the tipping point? How fake President Biden armed the Taliban and made them the most powerful army in the world next to America
00:29:20 “Gun free zone” vs “Free gun zone”
00:29:30 Biden gave the Taliban a kill list of Americans stranded behind enemy lines
00:31:00 What we’re going to cover today in what order
00:31:52 New Mindmap – “Covid Tyranny in Q4 2021 and Q1 2022”
An exploration of how the Covid medical tyranny can be expected to unfold in the USA by looking at the CDC’s plans

00:52:00 A review of all the truth tellers who have been warning the public and telling people about the vaccine dangers and all the damage from the spike proteins, including the coming waves of mass deaths
00:53:15 The danger of what’s going to happen in America if people don’t start calling out the bullshit about the fake pandemic, the fraudulent PCR test scam, the 20 states that just legalized liquifying human remains, CDC’s death camp plans, etc.
00:56:00 Back to finish the tour of the mind map
01:01:30 Why “moving to a red state” isn’t even a safe bet anymore in terms of avoiding medical tyranny
01:04:30 Concluding this week’s mind map tour – On the “withdrawal of consent to be governed” as perhaps the only way to stop the tyranny
01:06:30 How the fake pandemic is being driven by the PCR testing fraud
01:07:50 How the SARS-COV2 virus and Covid-19 were never cultured from a human being, and were made in a lab, and how PCR tests turn out false positives almost every time. The CDC has ordered the tests stopped at the end of this year, so why are they still allowed to be used now? It’s all a big SCAM meant to push the “Endgame”
01:09:00 How we could have avoided so much of this “if only people had listened to me over a year ago when I warned everyone this was exactly what they were trying to do to us”
01:11:00 Article – Soviet Australia Now Building 1,000 Bed Concentration Camp
01:14:00 Article – Japanese Medical Association Chairman told doctors in Japan to give Ivermectin for Covid
01:20:00 Article – FDA warns Americans NOT to use Ivermectin for Covid, even as countries like Japan and India have saved countless thousands of lives with Ivermectin. FDA is a criminal cartel and a domestic terrorist organization.
01:24:30 Reminder that 1,200 American idiot doctors signed a document that forever destroyed their own reputations by promoting summer riots, looting and murders by BLM/ANTIFA under the guise of public health
01:26:30 Australia’s gaul to tell their own citizens how lucky they are that they “were given” an hour of extra freedom by their dictator tyrant government
01:28:00 False flag season – warnings to patriots about what the regime is trying to achieve now with the vaccine mandates, the covid death camps, and the fake news – and how they plan to do kinetic (violent) attacks on Americans
01:30:00 Recommendations for prepping for disaster
01:32:15 Testimony for the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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