Forbes and Reuters “fact checker” propaganda writers HUMILIATED, Magnetic Vaxxes ARE REAL – Ep. 063

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00:00:00 Intro and opening comments
00:02:00 Greetings to Bitchute community
00:03:10 How to find the show each day
00:04:10 What we’re talking about on today’s show
00:04:30 Reuters and Forbes “Fact Checkers” HUMILIATED by being exposed for lie after lie after lie, and it happened AGAIN
00:06:00 More on what’s coming up in today’s show
00:06:45 Personal Update – Video – Setting up my new RadRunner Plus e-bike from RadPowerBikes with Conor from BikeLabLA
00:11:00 Message to Teepublic about removing my “Masks Don’t Work” mask from their store
00:14:00 How I feel about the people I grew up with now
00:16:45 Message to the guy in the movie business that I grew up with in Beverly Hills who first offered me high paying work, then ghosted me when I spoke out against masks and lockdowns
00:19:45 Video (funny) – Vegans Chain Themselves to poultry processing machine, all is well until someone turns on the machine
00:21:30 Videos – magnetic challenge videos showing people who seem to be magnetized after getting the covid vaccine
00:25:00 Evisceration of Bruce Y. Lee, Senior Contributor Healthcare, Forbes, for his fake news propaganda called “Graphene Oxide in Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccines? Here are the Latest Unsupported Claims” (yeah, he’s likely a CCP stooge)
00:30:30 Evisceration of Ethan Siegel, Senior Contributor Science, Forbes, for his fake news propaganda called “The Unfiltered truth behind human magnetism, vaccines, and Covid-19” (yeah, he’s just a talking points spewing moron)
00:32:20 Evisceration of nameless Reuters Fact Check for their fake news propaganda called “Correction – Fact Check ‘Magnet Test’ does not prove Covid-19 jabs contain metal or a microchip”
00:33:00 Article – Japan Suspects Contaminant in Moderna Vaccines Is Metallic, ‘Reacts To Magnets’ – JAPAN REJECTS OVER 1.6 MILLION DOSES OF THE MODERNA VACCINE
00:33:25 Verdict: Reuters, Forbes, Fact Checkers, GUILTY of LIES and DISINFORMATION
00:36:00 Article – Fauci admits the antibodies in the Covid vaccines actually make the virus stronger
… THEN …
00:46:30 The Apothecary is Open! What to do with a mortar and pestle. All the supplements and natural remedies the FDA and CDC don’t want you to know about
00:48:15 Organic Black Cumin Seeds and Local Honey
00:49:35 Website resource – – click on Quick Guide link at the top. Read the whole website and quick guide
00:52:00 NAC (read about it on the website)
00:54:10 Zinc + Elderberry (“Zinc Ionosphores”)
00:56:00 Magnesium (digestion and moods)
00:56:20 Ashwagandha (mental clarity, moods and energy)
00:56:35 Omega-3 Premium Fish Oil (mental clarity)
00:56:45 Sunflower Lecithin (nervous system support)
00:57:54 Liposomal Vitamin C
00:58:45 Vitamin D3
01:00:10 If you only take some of this advice, here’s what’s most important and why (Vitamin D3 + Zinc + Elderberry)
01:00:55 Vitamin E
01:01:30 Nascent Iodine (protects thyroid from radiation)
01:02:55 Famatodine (antacid)
01:03:43 Organic Fennel Seeds (or Star Anise), how to extract Shekimic Acid using these seeds and an espresso machine, and what this is used for and how to do it correctly
01:05:00 Warning about PRION disease (mad cow) coming from African Beef and to stay away from meat and processed foods that might contain prions
01:10:00 Closing comments

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