NO the Pfizer Shot is NOT FDA Approved – Ep. 061

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00:00:00 Intro and opening comments

00:06:00 Media lies about the Pfizer shot being FDA approved

00:07:45 How all vax mandates are violations of US and International law and what people need to do about it

00:09:00 Instructions for everyone who has to deal with an employer, union, school, or government who is telling them that they have to get the shot or they can’t keep their jobs, or they can’t go to school, or they can’t go shopping, etc.

00:10:45 What about the corrupt courts and judges?

00:11:30 What about the illegitimate Biden regime weaponizing the justice department?

00:12:50 What being forced actually is, and what it’s not

00:17:00 American citizens starting to act like the “good Germans” from the Nazi era

00:20:00 The ramp up of authoritarianism and the crushing of human rights around the world

00:22:25 Why everybody MUST REJECT the shots if they want to have ANY legal recourse later when they get hurt or killed

00:23:00 Why anybody who already got 2 shots and decides to go get the booster shot is just trying to kill themselves

00:23:50 Headline – Fully vaxxed people represent over 50% of cases and hospitalizations

00:26:30 Message for everyone who is concerned about the spike proteins, or being around vaxxed people – what to do

00:29:00 Linkedin member posts hate message and reports me for disinformation and tries to shame me. I respond to him.

00:34:00 Open VAERS reports over 13,000 deaths from the jabs in the past 8 months alone

00:40:00 it’s PhDs in America who have the highest vax hesitancy, and that’s because they know what’s up

00:41:00 Headline – New study from Japan suggests the vax shots are causing more infectious strains due to ADE (antibody dependent enhancement), and Boosters could make it Worse

00:46:00 Review of the CDC’s order to STOP USING PCR tests in the diagnosis of Covid cases

00:48:00 Review of how the Covid SCAMDEMIC was done with false positives, financial incentives, and fear porn on fake news

00:50:00 Headline – New Study Shows Vaccinated people carry 251 times viral load, and may pose risk to Unvaccinated

00:53:00 Message to the people who still do not believe what I’m saying, and what I would do if I got the shots and then started hearing reports like these

00:56:00 Review of FDA Letter to Pfizer regarding the Extension of the Emergency Use Authorization for their Covid vaccine (THIS is the proof that this vaccine was NOT approved unlike what the media and fake President keep saying)

01:08:00 Closing thoughts about staying healthy

01:11:00 Clips of CDC director and her lies and doublespeak about the vax shots

01:14:00 Closing comments and testimony for the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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