How to beat the vaccine passport tyranny, and Jack from Twitter announces “the full retro” is ON

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00:00:00 Intro and opening comments
00:03:19 Facebook shuts off my livestreaming
00:05:00 Teepublic removes my “Masks Don’t Work” mask (note: Teepublic is a fascist company)
00:06:30 Nextdoor suspends my account
00:06:50 Message for my fellow Jewish people in the USA
00:09:00 ABC in Australia “accidentally” broadcasts Satanic Ritual declaring “Hail Satan!” on national television during a news broadcast
00:11:00 Australia tyrant declares citizens not allowed to go outside to watch the sunset, “it is against the rules.”
00:12:30 Children in Australia screaming in terror as they are ripped from the arms of their parents and force-injected with medical interventions they don’t need and don’t want to get.
00:17:00 World Alternative Media reporting on V Passport implementation in Italy
00:25:00 “The Full Retro” is ON, all the fascist social media companies are going back in time and removing ALL posts and store items that question the tyranny of the day
00:26:00 Facebook removes a post of mine from over a year ago comparing the tearing down of statues in Iraq to tearing down statues in the USA.
00:30:00 Commentary about Nazis, my fellow Jews in America today, and what people don’t understand about these V shots and the V passports.
00:37:30 Los Angeles City Fire Department Captain Christian Granucci’s heart wrenching video testimony about the TYRANNY that is sweeping Fire Departments coast to coast
00:52:00 How censorship is stopping people from letting others know what’s really going on in the world
00:52:45 “Hail Satan!” on television doesn’t happen by accident
00:53:00 How Russians Crushed their STUPID Vax Passports in less than 3 weeks (and how we can too in the USA)

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