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Spike Protein BOOTCAMP, How to PROTECT from the Bioweapon – Ep. 058

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00:00:00 Intro and opening comments

00:07:30 Guy in the hospital with spotein damage (“spotein” = spike protein)

00:11:00 How today’s information will be presented

00:13:50 Cartoon from 100 years ago called “How to Take Over the World” (You NEED to see this. Everybody needs to see this)

00:19:20 Update on Australia’s mass child sacrifice ritual. 2 kids already reported dead.

00:22:00 Detailed reading and review of Salk Institute article from April 30, 2021 called “The Novel Coronavirus’ Spike Protein Plays Additional Key Role In Illness: Salk researchers and collaborators show how the protein damages cells, confirming Covid-19 as a primarily vascular disease”

00:37:50 Resources on America’s Frontline Doctors website

00:42:10 Possible PANDEMIC PROPHYLAXIS June 15, 2021 – detailed walk through of “inside information” that might be helpful to patients and doctors (hint: download this ASAP)

01:06:05 Resources on Dr Richard Fleming’s website for patients and doctors including protocols for immune support and for exposure to the virus and/or spike protein shedding from getting vaccinated or being around vaccinated people.

01:10:30 Thoughts and commentary on trying to save my friends’ lives and the sadness that so many of them don’t even care nor want to know the danger they are in, no less what to do about it

01:14:23 Two more important websites to know about, and why it’s important to do the OPPOSITE of what the mainstream media tells you to do

01:19:00 Closing comments


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