“Yes We Will Offer Our Children Willingly”

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00:00:00 Intro and opening comments

00:11:00 World News, Afghanistan, USA now perceived as a failed state whose most mighty military was beaten by some goat farmers

00:21:00 Vax comments by Trump about the pharma companies trying to make billions off the booster shot.

00:24:30 Australia’s medical dictatorship and the ritual indoctrination and child sacrifice campaign

00:29:30 Ritual spaces and how sacred space is created, whether for positive or negative intentions the process is the same

00:38:00 Continuation of “sacred space” discussion with clips from Mike Adams podcast

00:49:00 How to make a deal with the Devil

01:04:22 The 12 Doorknob Sacrifices (Celebrity “Suicides”)

01:28:37 Twenty Confirmed Illuminati Celebs

01:37:20 Other articles

01:41:00 Closing comments

01:47:00 Plea to the people of Australia to save their children

01:47:44 Closing prayer in the name of Jesus

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Australia, celebrity suicides, child sacrifice, covid vaccines, doorknob sacrifices, illuminati, Jesus Christ, luciferians, Mike Adams, sacred space

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