August 17

Ep. 055 – HUGE Covid Quarantine Camps in the UK, Cleared for USA Under CDC Green Zone Plan

At what point do the people demand to round up and arrest all the war criminals masquerading as political leaders around the world for the crimes against humanity they are perpetrating under the guise of a so called pandemic?

Wouldn’t it have been a good idea to try and stop the Nazis BEFORE they built all the concentration camps with their gas chambers and crematoriums?

Well, now humanity has reached that time once again, as “Covid Quarantine” camps are being built in the UK (massive ones, as big as entire towns) and Australians and New Zealanders have been ordered to stay home and stop talking to their neighbors!

When will the people wake up? It’s already too late in some places, and almost too late in America.

The Evan J Livestream destroys propaganda every episode with truth.


Australia, CDC, covid quarantine, covid vaccines, death camps, detention centers, green zones, Nazi era, New Zealand, quarantine camps, UK

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