On this episode: More on the burden just dumped on New Yorkers to stand up and protect the American way of life for all. NYC is under siege by a totalitarian dictator (DiBlasio) who has just announced a 2-tiered society not seen since the Nazi era in Germany. New Yorkers now have to decide what type of German they would have been back in the Nazi era.

This is part of the globalist “Great Reset” in which Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and the world’s richest people, seek to impose a top down dictatorship with total control over all the planet’s resources, and people.

They also want to kill off 6.5 billion of the 7 billion people currently alive. That is what they are doing with these vaccine bioweapons.

Whatever the people of NYC choose (to be the “good Germans” and help the totalitarian state by complying, or instead, to tell DiBlasio to fuck off and fine them or revoke their licenses and they will see him in court but he will not make Nazis out of New Yorkers), based on protests around the world that are not being reported on in the USA, “the revolution will not be televised.”

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