September 21

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As I write this post today is Wednesday, September 21, 2022 and today will be Live Episode 240 of The Real Evan J Livestream.

Livestreams are on Wednesdays starting at 3pm PST (Los Angeles, California time zone)

You can watch and join the live chat from this website on the Watch Page

Livestreams are broadcast to my verified GETTR profile at

Please follow me on GETTR and join the Live Chat Fam!

(You can also watch and chat on Twitch and dLive but there is some censorship on both of those platforms).

For the best viewing and live chat experience, come to GETTR

On the blog so far, only the first 65 episodes have been posted.

In time, we’ll eventually be all caught up.

In the meantime you can watch all the previous episodes on my Rumble and Bitchute channels.

Here is the link to my Bitchute channel:

You’ll find many videos on my Bitchute channel that are not posted to Rumble.

And here is the link to my Rumble channel:

Ultimately, I will post all my content here to the blog, including all the Bitchute content, but this is going to take a while.

Thanks for your understanding.


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